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According to an official report, there are more than 80 million Individuals in Pakistan who never went to school or could not study more than one or two grades. These are the people who are over 14 years of age and there is no school for them across the country. System Foundation is the only institution of its kind in Pakistan, which provides free matriculation from the Education Board to the uneducated or poor boys and girls and transgenders aged 14 years and above. It also provides skills and employment opportunities. All students are provided with free uniform, free books, 500 rupees monthly Stipend for boys and girls and 4000 rupees/month for transgenders, ration, pick and drop, and food and tea on daily basis.

System Foundation’s first Non Formal High School was started in 1997 by Prof. Mohammad Masood (Principal Retired Government College of Technology, Sumanabad, Faisalabad) on the name of his parents and for their reward.

In January 2001, the institution was registered under the name of System Foundation and by 2015 thousands of students have passed matriculation under this unique matriculation program. After 2015, more non-formal high schools were established in various areas of Faisalabad under System Foundation and today there are 28 non-formal high schools in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Nankana Sahib working under System Foundation. We are striving to eliminate illiteracy from Pakistan by matriculating those out of School Children/Youth for whom there is no other educational institution in the whole country.


To spread System Foundation’s Non Formal Education Program to each and every district of Pakistan to eradicate illiteracy among non-school going boys, girls and transgenders.


To Bring All Repenting Illiterate boys, girls and transgenders into main stream education and technical skills.